vendredi 6 novembre 2009


Some progress have ben made since last time.

-X window properties are now correctly set, and are directly inserted inside the source code of OOo4Kids
-The organization of the files of the installation set has been remade to fit correctly into Sugar's bundle. Theoretically, it works, but we haven't been yet able to build OOo4Kids entirely on Sugar (which is the only OS yet that is unable to build it, we are currently working on the issue). Many thanks to Stephan Bergmann for all the tips he gave us on this subject and Eric Bachard who did most of the work!

Next step will be linking OOo4Kids with the journal and forbidding him to right anywhere in the system.

Work on the performances is still going on. One of the point that will probably be fixed is the limitation of the size of a few libraries, which are loaded during launch despite being useless at this point of the execution.

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