mercredi 7 octobre 2009

Prologue: Work Environment

Time to take care of the most important part of our training period: making OOo4Kids run on a XO. And, more than that, make it compatible with every Sugar application such as the journal and the desktop... Because of course, a mere recompilation of OOo4Kids on Sugar would fix the first issue pretty easily, which is not much fun.

So, how do one sugarize an application, and what does it gives in the end? Let's start with sugarizing HelloWorld. A fully documented and described tutorial is available here ( ). It works perfectly fine and gives a nice result - I will just allow myself to do a "step-by-step howto" with some images.

First, we will need to open a terminal to be able to navigate in the systeme. The most simple is to use the terminal activity...

... but a /dev/tty2 is fine too (open it by pressing ctrl+alt+group/neighborhood, return to sugar by pressing ctrl+alt+home)

Most of the work will be done using the terminal, until OOo4Kids runs fine on the XO.

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